The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Edina High School STAND Educates, Advocates and Donates

In January, history will take place in Sudan. The referendum has the potential to create peace in the war ridden country. STAND’s Edina High School chapter, in Minnesota, is holding an event on December 9th and 10th where Jamba Juice, Bruegger’s Bagels, custom designed t-shirts and more will be on sale. Petitions and actions will also be available for students to sign and send to our local representatives.

Last year we collected over 500 signatures on a banner that we sent to Representative Erik Paulson, giving him the push to sign the Sudan Caucus. This year, we hope we can be just as, if not more, successful in urging him to co-sponsor S.Con.Res.71. We will also be featuring our efforts to raise awareness for the Congo. The proceeds from our sales will be sent to the The Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic.

Our goal is to teach students, who may not be able to point out Sudan or Congo on a map, more than just an overview of the conflict. We want to teach them what they can do to help kids their own age, who just happened to be born in a war stricken country.

Submitted by Edina HS STAND

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