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President Obama on MTV Tomorrow: Tweet about Sudan

President Obama will be answering questions LIVE on MTV and BET at 4:00 p.m. EST tomorrow, October 14. This is our opportunity to ask President Barack Obama what he will do to prevent war in Sudan and hear his response live on TV! 

The show will be taking questions directly from Twitter.  To get a question about Sudan included, we have to shut down the twitter stream with as many users as possible, all tweeting Sudan questions with the same hashtag.  We need 200 people (BARE MINIMUM) to tweet or retweet a question before 4 PM EST tomorrow.

Here’s what we would have to do – it’s simple:

1) Tweet a question about Sudan (sample tweet below) numerous times between now and 4:00 PM EST tomorrow (Thursday). (We’ll be able to tweet during the live show as well, but it will be a cumulative count).  

#asksudan Pres. Obama, what steps will you take to prevent the outbreak of war following Southern Sudan’s referendum in Jan.? 

2) Be original with your question but you MUST include #asksudan for this to work
3) Find 5 other people (call, email, text, tweet, facebook) and commit them to taking this action as well.  We need 200 ORIGINAL users to tweet to even make a dent in this thing…so 5 people tweeting 100 times doesn’t count.  Pull out all the stops.  Get on the phone and have people tweet as you are talking to them.  Bare minimum – friends/members can just retweet you.  Don’t have twitter?  Email me and I’ll walk you through setting it up!

Through our pressure, we made Darfur a campaign issue in 2008 and got campaign promises from President Obama on Sudan. This is a great chance for us to keep Sudan and the upcoming January referendum on President Obama’s agenda. The traffic on this site will be heavy and for us to get noticed, we’ll have to have a lot of weight. Tweet yourself, tag your friends, and retweet! 

Read more about the program:

Include your tweet and the link above in your facebook status for the extra mile (or share the post on the facebook standnow page)



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