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STAND Activists Press Obama Administration on Sudan Policy

As we mentioned yesterday, Foreign Policy magazine’s The Cable blog reported divisions in the Obama administration over Sudan policy decisions. At a time of escalating violence in Darfur and the potential for all-out war between Northern and Southern Sudan, STAND activists are organizing in their communities to convey the urgency of the situation to administration officials.

Facebook events have already developed for KentuckyNorth CarolinaMichigan, GeorgiaEastern and Western Massachusetts, Boston, Washington, DC, and New York vigils–further events are developing in South Carolina, Chicago, Minneapolis, and the San Francisco area. It is crucial that Sudan activists demonstrate the widespread public support for a holistic, comprehensive policy on Sudan. The situation has never been more urgent.

Join Sudan activists on Facebook, Twitter, and in your communities to urge President Obama to demonstrate leadership on Sudan.

Contact a STAND Outreach Coordinator for more information about organizing in your community this week.

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