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Obama Administration Stalling on Sudan: Take Action Now!

With the referendum on Southern Sudanese independence approaching this January, the international community needs to be prepared for the re-emergence of conflict in Sudan. Reports indicate that the United States is not poised to face this challenge.
Urge Secretary Clinton to take action to prevent all-out war in Sudan.
Last Wednesday morning, a senior State Department official was quoted in the New York Times saying, "There is no sense of urgency that this is a crucial moment [in Sudan]."
In contrast to this official’s statement, there has rarely been a more crucial moment in Sudan’s contemporary history. New violence in Darfur has escalated to 2007 levels, just months before Southern Sudan is scheduled to vote on its own independence. If the referendum does not progress smoothly, Sudan could descend into all-out war.
We need to hold the State Department publicly accountable for inaction on Sudan. 
Please tell Secretary Clinton to take action on Sudan.


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