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Weekly News Brief, 3.26.10 – 4.2.10

In this week’s issue: Opposition parties have withdrawn from Sudan’s presidential elections; Burma’s NLD party has voted not to participate in elections; Human Right’s Watch released a report documenting more attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Congo

Weekly News Brief, March 26 to April 2, 2010, compiled by Joshua Kennedy and the STAND E-team. To receive news briefs, trivia, and discussion guides, email

Areas of Concern

Election-related news

Non-election related news

  • Businessmen in the Wa region have begun to evacuate as tensions between the United Wa State Army and the Burmese military rise over the issue of joining the Border Guard Force.  The regime has also ordered that government employees in the region go on long leave, and military preparations are occurring on both sides.
  • The National League for Democracy has voted not to register in the 2010 elections, following Aung San Suu Kyi’s wishes that the party not participate under unjust election laws.  The decision calls the future of the party into question as it could lead to the party’s marginalization or dissolution.
  • Nine US senators have urged President Barack Obama to appoint a special US representative for Burma and impose additional economic sanctions on the military junta under the Jade Act as a response to the junta’s release of “profoundly troubling election laws.”
  • 600 Karen refugees have returned to Burma from Thailand under heavy pressure from the Thai government. The refugees face landmines, forced labor, and army recruitment, and many human rights groups have protested the resettlement.
Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Human Rights Watch released a new report documenting another set of Lord’s Resistance Army attacks in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. An estimated 321 civilians were killed when the LRA rampaged through the Makombo area of Haut-Uele district during a four day period in December. 

Sri Lanka

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