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Weekly News Brief, 3.12.10 – 3.26.10

In this week’s issue: the Sudanese government signed a framework agreement with the Liberation and Justice Movement; Aung San Suu Kyi opposes registering the NLD for the elections; 600 FDLR rebels have been killed or captured since January


Weekly News Brief, March 12 to 26, 2010, compiled by Joshua Kennedy of GI-Net and the STAND E-team. To receive news briefs, trivia, and discussion guides, email


Areas of Concern


Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Ballot counting in the Iraqi election continues with about 93% of all votes processed. It appears that the current leader is former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who leads current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki by 8,000 votes. It is important to note that overall vote totals in the election do not determine ruling coalition make-up, which is apportioned by performance in each of Iraq’s provinces. Mr. al-Maliki currently leads in seven of the country’s eight provinces, compared to Mr. Allawi’s lead in five.
  • Despite the reduction of violence in Iraq, the country still faces a humanitarian challenge, primarily dealing with the protection, return and resettlement of the millions of refugees currently in Syria and Lebanon.
  • A militant group linked to al Qaeda vowed to continue attacking U.S. forces until all foreigners leave Iraq. The group also took responsibility for bombings that took place as Iraqis went to the polls for presidential elections in late March.
  • Two bombs killed 8 and injured 11 in a central Iraqi town in mid March.

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