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Ask Obama to Answer the Tough Questions on Sudan

President Obama will appear on Fox News tonight, Wednesday March 17, at 6 PM Eastern, and the network is offering viewers the chance to submit and vote for the questions that will be asked of the President. This is a great opportunity for anti-genocide activists to interact directly with the Obama administration, which is why STAND has submitted two questions: one on the upcoming elections in Sudan, and one on genocide prevention. It is crucial that both of these issues be brought to the President’s attention: ensuring that Sudan’s elections are free and fair should be the United States’s most urgent short-term priority, while longer-term efforts to enact the recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force Report are necessary in order to make the promise of "Never again" a reality.
With this in mind, please take a minute to vote for both of the questions that we have submitted. Head over to, and type "Sudan reforms" into the search box. Please vote for the following question that should come up:
"At this juncture, which of the incentives and pressures outlined in the Sudan Policy Review is the Obama administration using to ensure that Omar al-Bashir’s government makes the reforms necessary to ensure free and fair elections in April?"
Then, go back to the main page, search for "genocide," and vote for:
"What further steps is your administration taking to ensure that genocide and mass atrocities prevention becomes a national security priority for your administration, in addition to the recent creation of an interagency committee at the NSC?"
Once you’ve voted, feel free to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook! Here’s a sample Tweet: "Challenge @barackobama to answer tough questions on #Sudan, #genprev!  Go to, search ‘Sudan reforms’ and ‘genocide,’ and vote! 
Thanks for taking action!

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