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Darfur Rebel Group Signs Ceasefire

The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), one of the key rebel groups in Darfur, signed a ceasefire with Khartoum this past Saturday. In the spring of 2008, JEM launched an attack, aiming to reach Khartoum, but managed to reach nearby Omdurman. The signing of this agreement was overseen by neighboring Chad, which is widely believed to have been supporting JEM rebels in their efforts against the Sudanese government in a proxy war which the two countries recently declared over.

This deal is a preliminary framework agreement setting the rules for the discussions and agreements to come, while the March 15 deadline for a final peace agreement with Darfur remains. After the final agreements, JEM will be a political party in the government. In addition, Khartoum agreed to cancel 100 death sentences on JEM rebels.

Despite the signing of this agreement, this Tuesday JEM rebels announced that they have been attacked by government forces. The Sudanese government denies this allegation, affirming its commitment to peace.


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