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Weekly News Brief: 12.11.09 – 12.18.09

In this week’s issue: the International Crisis Group releases a report warning of wider conflict in Sudan, ethnic ceasefire militias in Burma increase opium production to purchase weapons, and the Lord’s Resistance Army threatens a repeat of last year’s Christmas massacre in DR Congo

Areas of Concern

  • International Crisis Group released a new report on Sudan, stating that with the upcoming elections and the continuing crisis in Darfur, Sudan is under threat of a wider conflict. At this moment, the role of international actors is crucial, and progress needs to be made on: legal reforms, referendums for South Sudan and Abyei, a Darfur peace agreement including provisions related to the national elections and how two independent Sudanese states would relate to each other after a possible independence declaration. Read the full report here.
Democratic Republic of Congo

Sri Lanka


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