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Kristof comments on the expulsion of aid groups from Sudan

Earlier this week, we reported on the Government of Sudan’s expulsion of aid groups in Darfur. The news came after the ICC issued its arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir and could be devastating for Darfuris.

Check out Nick Kristof’s op-ed on the removal of the aid groups and what the Obama administration can do.

"Our greatest problem in responding to Darfur is that we have never held either carrots or sticks. It’s difficult at this point to offer carrots, but the United States and other countries can wield some sticks."

When you’re done reading, take action by texting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 90822 and demanding that the State Department responds to the expulsion of the aid groups. Secretary Clinton will be reading these messages and responding online, so we must let her know that ending the genocide in Darfur needs to be a top priority.

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