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Sudan seizes Muhajiriya. Obama administration must respond immediately to escalation of violence in Darfur.

The Sudanese government announced Wednesday night that it has  taken the South Darfur town of Muhajiriya  from Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels.  Earlier this week, Khartoum asked the 196 UNAMID peacekeepers stationed in the town to clear out in anticipation of an attack.  UNAMID vowed to remain in order to protect the town’s 30,000 civilians.  As the fighting escalates, their lives hang in the balance.

Muhajiriya is just the latest incident in a major escalation of violence since January, and the government of Sudan has threatened further violence if and when the International Criminal Court issues an indictment for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, which is expected later this month.

President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Ambassador Rice have shown that they can talk a big game on Darfur. Yet, they appear to be failing what is clearly Khartoum’s first test of their resolve.

Call the State Department today and demand immediate action. If you called on Wednesday about Muhajiriya, please call again and urge Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice to act now to address the escalating violence threatening Darfuri civilians.  This a test of American resolve and leadership on Darfur, a test that we cannot fail.

Call the State Department today at 202-647-6575!

E-mail with questions.

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