The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Why do you STANDFast?

It doesn’t take much to change the world.
Any other day, I might have difficulty believing such a statement.  But not today.
I have witnessed the phenomenal ability of our movement to grow and reach out to others: STAND has more than 700 chapters across the nation; over 700 students converged on D.C. for our third National Student Conference; and, in three years of Darfur Fasts, we have raised $500,000 for Civilian Protection.
But now, the stakes are higher than ever.  In addition to maintaining the Civilian Protection Program in Darfur, we are now expanding to Burma too.
Today, I’m asking you to STANDFast with me and thousands of other students around the world as we raise money to protect civilians in Darfur and Burma.  Specifically, I’m asking you to give up one nonessential item and donate the money you would have spent on that to STANDFast.  To put it simply:
The cost of ONE 12-ounce can of RedBull can provide a woman with a donkey for one week to collect firewood.
The cost of ONE Venti-sized Mocha at Starbucks can provide early warning of an impending attack to civilians in eastern Burma.
But you don’t have to stop there.  Host a speaker, take pledges, hold a die-in, table by your library, or take a page from the Pellham Memorial High School’s STAND chapter and make a video…
There’s no limit to your creativity, just as there is no limit to our collective potential.
I STANDFast because I believe that when we work together, we can change the world–one Redbull and one Mocha at a time.
And, now, as you STANDFast today, I want to hear from you.
Why do you STANDFast?


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