The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

The Best Time to Start a STAND Chapter

I am asked all the time when I think is the best time to start a chapter. My answer is always the same: now. No matter when it is, it’s an important time to take a stand against genocide. This important time in American history is no exception. Experts are saying that young people will be going out to the polls to vote in record numbers, but we shouldn’t let our participation end there. Whether or not you are able to vote in the upcoming election it doesn’t matter because voting is only the first step. Be sure to stay engaged as students like these are all across the country.

Centenary College, in NJ, held a die in last week and despite it being a cold and rainy day they still had 40 people participate. In the Northeast, students at Bridgewater College are planning a concert with the proceeds benefiting GI-NET’s Civilian Protection Program. Students at the Art Institute of Seattle are putting together a book to let people artistically express how they feel about genocide. Northeast Iowa Community College’s chapter recently had a movie showing where they teamed up with a Dental class whose professor had traveled to Africa doing dental work.

Chapters both new and old across the country are doing their part to try to end genocide. Now is the perfect time for you to start doing yours.

-Hilary Jampel, College New Chapter Outreach Coordinator

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