The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

The hope we find in the Sudan Hope Concert

Working for peace on another continent may at times feel far away – but at times we are reminded how close to home this conflict really is.

The Sudan Hope Concert is one of those times that reminds us of that. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 1, young Sudanese musicians, performing artists, and poets living in the United States are coming together to perform with the hope of broadcasting their support for the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and their concern for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Their description of their hope is below, straight from their website:

“For five decades, the people of Sudan have known nothing but war, famine, suffering and abject poverty. The last two to three generations of Sudanese have grown up in a hopeless and helpless environment. Over 2.5 millions people have died and hundreds of thousands have been separated from their families, deprived of basic health care, education, and most importantly peace and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January of 2005 ushered in a new era of hope for peace and stability in Sudan. Today, we need to engage in peace initiatives and strategic efforts that will foster and instill hope in the next generation of young Sudanese.

Proceeds of the concert will be used establish the first of many Youth Development Centers (YDC) across Sudan. These YDCs will offer vocational training, community service, health care, the arts, and athletic development in a holistic approach to prepare young Sudanese men and women to be well rounded individuals who will play a transformative role in reshaping the future of Sudan.
The concert aslo serves as a springboard to mobilize young Sudanese living in the United States and around the world to engage in civic and social change efforts in Sudan and to proactively participate in reshaping and transforming Sudan into a better nation.

A brighter day is upon us. “

Whenever you feel far away from the situation in Sudan and things feel futile, think of the students your age who are Sudanese and are fighting for their friends, families, and fellow Sudanese on another continent. If they can keep up the fight, so can we.

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