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Weekly News Brief – Week of 10.06.08 – 10.13.08


The security situation in Darfur deteriorated severely this week: militias attacked a Darfur village, an ambush on UNAMID killed a Nigerian peacekeeper. Meanwhile, UNAMID has been sent to guard Kalma camp amid fears of a new attack. Reports from Sudan that more than 100 rebels surrendered to the Sudanese army. Fighting erupted Monday morning, leaving 11 dead. And former rebels alleged they would attack peacekeepers.

This week, Darfur tribal leaders met to discuss peace and reconciliation and a Darfur mediator said that rebels seemed ready to discuss peace while the Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations also met with the rebels.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has dismissed the allegations he is responsible for genocide and denied that mass rape has occurred in the region, and Arab justice ministers criticized the potential arrest warrant. However, Ali Kushayb, previously indicted by the ICC, has been arrested by the Sudanese Government in preparation for trial.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon issued a large push for the redeployment of UNAMID: this week, an Indonesian police force deployed to Darfur, Thai troops committed. And the African Union will send a peacekeeping force to Chad and Sudan.


The body of a Burmese solider was found near the Burmese-India boarder with his weapon taken. Burmese solders often move across the boarder to India to demand money form Indian merchants.

The military government has recently intensified its raids on local Internet cafes often demanding information about all the customers from the establishments proprietors. The government is increasing its raids due to the realization that the Internet is a substantial outlet for freedom of expression and the use of proxy servers provides an easy way for people to circumvent the governments restrictions.

Activist and artist, Amar Kanwar, has compiled a new video chronicling the grass roots efforts of democracy activists in Burma called "The First Torn Pages."


Fighting broke out in DRC’s Ituri province on Friday between government forces and a new rebel coalition known as the Popular Front for Justice in Congo (FPJC).

DRC officials accused Rwanda of aiding DRC rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda, and have expressed fears that Rwanda plans to attack Goma, the provincial capital of North Kivu. Meanwhile, MONUC, the UN peacekeeping mission in DRC, confirmed reports of collaboration between the Congolese army and extremist Hutu rebels known as FDLR.

MONUC reported that UN peacekeepers rescued 13 children under the age of 18 from forced recruitment by armed groups in North Kivu. During the mission, peacekeepers were fired upon by Nkunda’s forces.

Following a three-day visit to DRC, African Union chief Jean Ping stated that the AU will ramp up efforts to secure peace in the east of the country. To aid this effort, the AU will appoint a regional representative in North Kivu.

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