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Check Out these Sites

There are an incredible number of creative and comprehensive websites out there on Darfur for you and your chapters to explore – and take your level of knowledge to the next level…

One of them is the newest site on Darfur put up by Human Rights Watch called "Failing Darfur", featuring videos, timelines, maps, reports.

Others include:
PBS’s "Wide-angle: Darfur" site has some oft the best breakdowns of key players and events on the web

Amnesty International also is a great information hub for reports.

The UN Sudan Information Gateway has all the most in-depth, official, technical information you can find on the web.

And of course, GI-NET and ENOUGH have some of the most relevant and comprehensive resources and reports on the history, present, and future of the conflict.

Darfur may be oceans away, but with the resources on the web today we can bring our thoughts closer to Sudan and bring our understanding of the complexities on the ground that much closer to the truth.

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