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There’s Still Time To Influence the Debates

Last week, Jim Lehrer, moderator for the first presidential debate between McCain and Obama, disappointed the world by not asking the candidates about their plans for Darfur, even though the debate was was slated to cover foreign policy issues. This week, you can prevent this from happening again! Take action to let the moderators and the candidates know that they owe it to their voters to outline their specific plans for Darfur.

Take action by:

1) Emailing Gwen Ifill, moderator for the debate this Thursday, October 2, between vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, at Email her by October 2!

2) Submitting a question for the debates at, a partner of MySpace. Submit a question by October 2!

3) Voting for the question concerning Darfur and Burma that the candidates will address via video. Voting will only occur on September 30, so vote today!

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