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JADE Act Passes the Senate

This has been an exciting couple of weeks for Burma activists! The "Tom Lantos" Block Burmese JADE Act has passed the Senate and is waiting tobe signed into law by President Bush. The renewal of the Freedom and Democracy Act has passed the House and is now in the Senate, and will likely be voted on soon.

The Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act, passed in 2003, prohibits the importation of Burmese products into the U.S. The Congress has renewed it every year since its initial passage.

The JADE Act seeks to increase U.S. sanctions on Burma, particularly with regard to the importation of precious gems. Although gems cannot be imported into the US from Burma, Burmese gems can still come into the US from other countries. These increased sanctions will deprive the junta in Burma of revenue.

Learn more about the conflict in Burma and this important legislation by tuning into our Education Call on tonight (Thursday, July 24th) at 10 pm EDT. Just dial 1-269-320-8300 and then press 349902# when prompted.


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