The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Education Issues

2022-2023 Education Issues

Conflict Updates

STAND publishes monthly Conflict Updates that highlight current events in our Priority and Education regions. Youth authors analyze and summarize major events from the month related to mass atrocities.

About Our Issues

IMG_1334.HEICSince 2019, STAND’s Managing Committee has used a selection methodology to shape how STAND engages on particular issues. Most issues consist of a particular country or region affected by conflict, and some are topical issues that transcend borders. The MC reviews issue selections each year. STAND typically engages with issues at three levels, which include many of our common tactics and actions- Rapid Response, Education, and Priority. Education issues do not have dedicated Action Committees, but we engage on them in many other ways such as our monthly Conflict Updates, organizational partnerships, educational materials, policy statements, and educating decisionmakers on the issue.