The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Spring into Action: April Fundraising

Spring into Action with STAND this April for Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month! This is a critical time to take action, as the United States is finally paying more attention to global mass atrocities. STAND has been hard at work with our Burma, East Turkistan, United States, and Yemen Action Committees. We’re excited to continue empowering youth activists and accomplish even more before the end of the school year. Like the youth-led movements that came before us, and those led by our peers, we know this will be a generational effort. We need your help to ensure we can continue to mobilize youth for atrocity prevention next school year and beyond.

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Your support enables young people to educate their peers, train in movement building and organizing skills, and establish career paths for long-term social change. Your gifts will help STAND train our members at all levels, from brand new chapter members to our leadership team. Our members learn about so many different regions and topics, but one of our most important lessons is how to sustain a movement. Every successful social movement has been built over time, usually slowly and sometimes all at once, and genocide prevention is no exception. We know that some of our movement’s victories will be large and some will seem very small. But we’re also sure that each year we invest is building toward long-term progress.




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