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Education Update, 4/3/14

Sudan and South Sudan
The video below covers the struggle of peacekeepers and other NGO officials to maintain adequate living conditions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) living within UNMIS camps in South Sudan. Since the outbreak of violence in December, up to one million people have been displaced from their homes. Now the majority of these people are residing in permanent and temporary camps refugee camps. Tensions remain high within the camps as the majority of people within them do not feel safe to return to their villages. Meanwhile, the violence occurring outside the UN compounds threatens to overflow into the camps as former combatants reside within them.

Democratic Republic of the Congo 
The video below is an excerpt from a film currently in production titled This is Congo which follows the story of a Congolese man who has been displaced from his home as a result of the ongoing conflict. Nearly three million Congolese have been displaced since the fighting began, fleeing their homes for other areas of the country or neighboring countries. Many refugees end up in overcrowded camps such as the one depicted in this video, where resources are often scarce, hygiene is nearly nonexistent, and diseases run rampant.

For the first time in 30 years, Burma is conducting a national census. However, it is not free of controversy. The Myanmar government has banned Rohingya from self-identifying themselves as “Rohingya” despite condemnation from the UN, which helped facilitate the census. The Myanmar government refuses to recognize the stateless Rohingya and instead refers to them as illegal Bengali migrants.

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