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Ask of the Week 3/5/14

This is STAND’s “Ask of the Week”, a short, relevant ask that you can participate individually or with your chapter!  Contact our Policy Coordinator, Danny Hirschel-Burns at with any questions.

Our friends at Burma Task Force USA are working to push through HR 418, which urges the Burmese government to stop persecution of Rohingya, and they need your help. In light of the recent expulsion of Doctors without Borders from the Rakhine state in Burma because of their aiding of the Rohingya, H.R. 418 takes on even more urgency.

The bill needs more co-sponsors, so please contact your representative and urge them to sign on. You can find more information about the bill and who has signed on here. If you’d like to tweet, you can use this sample tweet:

.@[insert Rep’s name], I urge you to cosponsor HR 418 and protect Rohingya from an oppressive government in #Burma @standnow

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