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Weekly News Brief, 4.23.10 – 4.30.10

In this week’s issue: Tribal clashes in South Darfur left 52 dead; several ceasefire groups officially rejected Burma’s Border Guard Force proposal; ICG released a report on responding to the LRA threat in central Africa
Weekly News Brief – April 23 to 30, 2010, compiled by Joshua Kennedy of GI-Net and the STAND E-team. To receive weekly news briefs, trivia, and a discussion guide, email
  • The Obama administration on April 22 defended its policy of engagement with the Burmese military junta following calls from several US senators to review the policy, saying that sanctions without engagement have not yielded results in the past.
  • As the junta’s deadline for the Border Guard Force plan passed on Thursday, the largest of Burma’s armed ethnic groups, the United Wa State Army met this week with other cease-fire groups with which it has allied to discuss the potential threats they face in the near future.
  • The New Mon State Party has officially rejected the military regime’s Border Guard Force and militia proposals and have stated that they will use force if attacked by the regime’s army.  However, analysts question in the NMPP is prepared for the outbreak of war.  The KIA and KNU Peace Council have also rejected the regime’s Border Guard Force proposal.
  • In a major development that may lead to fresh armed conflict between the armed ceasefire groups and the Burmese Army, the National Democratic Front has declared that it will join hands with its allies to attack the junta on multiple front lines.
  • European Union foreign ministers have renewed the bloc’s “Common Position” on Burma, extending existing sanctions until April 2011, but have stated that it will “respond positively” to progress and hopes to maintain a dialogue with the regime.
  • Human Rights Watch released a new report on Burma, charging that humanitarian space in the country is constricting in advance of the coming elections, obstructing the continued recovery from the 2008 Cyclone Nargis disaster.
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