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Weekly News Brief, 04.16.10 – 04.23.10

In this week’s issue: fifty people were killed reportedly due to cattle raiding south of Nyala; Kachin Independence Organization troops are training opposition groups who refused to join Burma’s Border Guard Force; FARDC executed 49 civilians earlier this month in Congo

Weekly News Brief, April 16 to 23, 2010, compiled by Josh Kennedy at GI-Net and the STAND E-team. To receive news briefs, along with trivia and a discussion guide, email

  • Three bombs killed 10 and injured 170 at the Burmese New Year water festival in Rangoon on Thursday.  Army and police sources say that Sr.-Gen. Nay Shwe Thway Aung, Than Shwe’s grandson, was the target of the attacks, while a state newspaper blamed the attacks on exiled Burmese opposition groups utilizing terrorist tactics.
  • US senator Judd Gregg has introduced a resolution calling on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to assess whether the Obama administration policy of engagement with the Burmese military junta has been effective in furthering US interests, asking the administration to strengthen sanctions and engage with regional governments and multilateral organizations to push for the establishment of democratic rule in Burma.
  • Wa leadership recently met to discuss the Border Guard Force and the future of the United Wa State Army and decided once again to reject the BGF plan, following previous, unsuccessful attempts by the Wa leadership to negotiate with the SPDC.
  • The New Mon State Party and the Kachin Independence Organization also declined the offer to integrate into the government’s border guard force.
  • Kachin Independence Organisation troops are providing military training to people from the ethnic minority after the group refused to join the Burma Army’s Border Guard Force, and New Mon State Party leaders and soldiers are making preparations to travel to jungle bases in anticipation of an outbreak in hostilities between the Mon cease-fire group and the Burmese army.
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