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The STAND family and genocide prevention community are heartbroken about the bloodshed in Aleppo and indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Now, more than ever, we must speak out against US policy that has ignored the needs of Syrian civilians for too long. We must use this moment to spur policymakers to action to find a sustainable solution to the Syria war.

Preventable mass atrocities are happening in Aleppo. The US should use all tools at its disposal to hold Assad and Russia accountable for killing civilians and pushing them to a ceasefire. Help us hold them to their responsibility to protect by taking any (and/or all!) of the following actions. Syrians are asking for our help. Let’s show them that we will heed their call.

Immediate & Urgent Actions

  1. Sign the WhiteHouse.Gov petition to President Obama asking him to help ensure civilians, medical personnel, and rescue workers can safely leave Aleppo.
  2. Join Students Organize for Syria’s Fast4Freedom and donate the money you would have spent on food to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)’s Aleppo Fund to care for those injured in the attacks.
  3. Join Books not Bombs in urging your University President to publicly condemn the attacks in Aleppo and call for civilians’ safe passage out of the city.
  4. Write an opinion piece (op-ed) in your local or school newspaper urging President Obama and Members of Congress to vocally and vigorously push for civilian protection measures, including civilian evacuation, and to fast-track the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act in the 2017 Congress. We’ll help get your op-ed edited and placed in your local or campus newspaper. Contact us at if you need help!

Stay Involved

  1. Follow STAND (facebook || twitter), Students Organize for Syria (facebook || twitter), and Books Not Bombs (facebook || twitter) on social media to keep up-to-date on how you can take action for Syria and Syrian refugees.
  2. Join STAND’s Rapid Responder Network to receive urgent action alerts on atrocity prevention, civilian protection, and refugee support issues.
  3. Start a Books Not Bombs campaign on your campus to urge your school to offer scholarships for Syrian students.
  4. Help us build a permanent constituency to speak out about genocide and mass atrocities: Start a STAND chapter to educate and mobilize your peers to take action to end and prevent genocide and mass atrocities in Syria and around the world.

* #SaveAleppo photo by Farouk al-Halbi