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The Problem

Described as the “most friendless group in the world,” by the UN, the Rohingya are a persecuted Muslim minority in Burma. In fall 2017, world leaders described the situation as “ethnic cleansing,” a widespread and systematic forced migration of an ethnic group, done with the intent to make a given territory ethnically homogenous.

Since being stripped of their citizenship in 1982, the Rohingya have been denied basic human rights such as healthcare and education and been forced into what have been called by many “modern day concentration camps” by the Burmese military and Buddhist extremists.

In August, the Burmese military launched an aggressive and indiscriminate military crackdown against the Rohingya. Extrajudicial killings and arson attacks have caused thousands to flee to neighboring countries, and in particular Bangladesh, where they are also unwelcome. Widely considered to be the group most at risk of genocide in the world, it is more important than ever to #RiseforRohingya to prevent further violence against the Rohingya and promote peace in Burma.

Our Solution

While STAND often focuses on changing U.S. and global policy for genocide and atrocity prevention, we are also committed to supporting peacebuilding on the ground, and in particular efforts led by those most affected.

As such, STAND is honored to partner with the Nexus Fund, an organization committed to preventing mass atrocities by finding, funding, and supporting local peacebuilding efforts in areas where there are significant risks of mass violence but still opportunities for prevention. In the past year, Nexus has supported projects both to support those displaced by violence and to support local activists working to reconcile communities and prevent future violence.

Where is this money going?

As a student-led organization, STAND is supporting specific projects to support youth-led peacebuilding in Burma aimed at reducing violence against Rohingya. 100% of proceeds raised will fund local organizations’ projects to promote peace and tolerance in their communities.

  • COUNTER FAKE NEWSRumors about Muslim communities spread like wildfire on Facebook and instigate new violence. We are supporting trainings for young people to learn how to identify and counter fake news.
  • PROVIDE SAFE SPACESOftentimes, young people from different communities cannot interact, work together, or even be friends in public – so we support safe spaces for them to develop friendships and learn from each other.
  • DESIGN INNOVATIVE PROJECTSThe Rohingya have been persecuted for decades and efforts to help them have failed over and over. Creativity and innovation are needed to see real change, so we are supporting young peacebuilders to develop and implement big and different ideas.

How to Donate

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  5. Plan a Facebook fundraiser under the organization“Aegis America Inc.” STAND’s parent organization. If you do this, be sure to email Mac at so we can earmark these funds for #RiseForRohingya!


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Start your Crowdrise page here and you’ll be eligible for the following perks through your fundraising!

  • Raise $100: Photos and a note from our team in Burma.
  • Raise $250: Bracelet from Yangon.
  • Raise $500: Skype call from our partners in Burma.
  • Raise $1000: Hand-woven bag from Yangon.