The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Peacebuilding Action Week

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The world needs a louder, more organized peacebuilding movement. From September 14 – 21 (International Day of Peace), peacebuilders around the world will participate in the first-ever Global Peacebuilding Action Week, showing the world the power and unity of the global peacebuilding community. There is no right or wrong action. Actions should be locally led and focused on showing the world what peacebuilding is. Just use #ThisIsPeacebuilding to share your events and connect with the global movement. 

More information on Action Week from +Peace. 

As the only student-led organization focused on genocide and atrocity prevention, STAND is offering grassroots activists a series of daily actions to take throughout the week. Each day highlights one of our major issue areas. We hope you will take action this September, and then stay involved with STAND!


For each day of Action Week, we invite you to take an action related to one of STAND’s issue areas. To make it as easy as possible, we have a toolkit with general background on each issue, how to take action that day, and how to stay involved with STAND. STAND chapters and grassroots activists are welcome to take additional actions and host events. Contact with any questions or ideas.