The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Hold an Event

Want to do more? Why not hold an educational event in your community? You can hand out our one-pagers, and use the global petition as an action opportunity for event attendees.

If you hold an event, it’s a great idea to partner with members of the Sudanese diaspora who live in your community. Such collaborations are an excellent way to learn from those who are directly affected by the conflict, and to make your advocacy more credible and nuanced. Whether you want to find a Sudanese organization to co-sponsor your event, or just find a speaker, STAND can help. Through our partnership with Voices for Sudan, a nationwide network of Sudanese diaspora organizations, your Regional Organizer can help you find diaspora members who live near your school and have expressed interest in working with students. Your RO can also provide you with event ideas, materials, and tips and best practices for working with diaspora organizations. For more information on working with diaspora communities, check out our handy one-pager.

Whatever type of event that you hold, don’t forget to tell your RO so that he or she can help you promote it!