The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Promote human rights & democracy in Burma

  • Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act
    • This bill would ensure human rights in Burma by placing targeted sanctions on high-ranking Burma Army officials. It also calls for democracy in the country and is an opportunity for the US to stand in solidarity with Burma’s ethnic minorities that suffer at the hands of the Burma Army. 
    • Help us support the passage of this bill by contacting your elected officials. View our call-in script here!
  • Rohingya Genocide Determination Act
    • This bill would call the crimes and atrocities being committed against the Rohingya as what they are- genocide. Declaring the Rohingya’s situation as genocide requires that the US take action to prevent further rights abuses and conduct atrocity reports in Burma. 
    • Take action by telling your senators to co-sponsor the Rohingya Genocide Determination Act here