The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Who We Are

We are students. We are organizers. We are advocates. We are policy experts.

As a grassroots-based organization, we pride ourselves in being a broad and diverse network of students who are committed to ending atrocities around the world. STAND is entirely student-led, with a Managing Committee of students who develop, manage and promote campaigns and advocacy strategies to chapters and student leaders around the country. Our Managing Committee and dedicated Leadership Team, made up of committed and passionate student leaders from around the country, work above all to act as a resource to any and all students who want to be part of the movement to end mass atrocities. We believe that students are the breadth, core, and future of the atrocity prevention movement.

Our History

STAND was born out of the fight to stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Just weeks after President George W. Bush labeled the situation in Darfur “genocide,” a group of Georgetown students decided that they could not stand idly by. They began to organize their campus community and eventually chose a name for their new group: STAND, an acronym for “Students Taking Action Now in Darfur.” By 2005, STAND chapters had sprung up at schools nationwide and the national structure of STAND was formed. Since then, STAND has developed as a key player in the anti-genocide movement alongside its previous parent organizations: the Genocide Intervention Network, and subsequently, United to End Genocide. Over the years, STAND has continued to build a student anti-genocide constituency that makes noise when elected officials fail to act.

Our Structure

STAND is unique to the atrocity prevention movement in that it is led by students. STAND is run by a Managing Committee made up of eleven students who are responsible for developing campaigns, advocacy and organizing strategies, and policy resources. The Managing Committee works most importantly to act as a resource for students leaders to be effective organizers on their campuses and communities. The Managing Committee is assisted by two staff members and Task Forces of student leaders who help make STAND run effectively and smoothly. Together the Managing Committee and Task Forces make up the Student Leadership Team, which is responsible for STAND functioning as a national and unified movement. At our core we are a grassroots movement, and we rely on committed student organizers around the country to promote and spread our anti-genocide message.