Send a Message to Congress

Take action now by sending an urgent message to your members of Congress.

Ask your Representative and Senators to write a letter to President Obama, urging him to complete the Sudan policy review soon and to do all he can to get humanitarian aid groups back on the ground in Darfur.

Write a letter, make a YouTube video, or use Facebook to get this message to Congress every way you can.  If you write a letter, send them to:

Genocide Intervention Network

c/o Ashley Kroetsch

1333 H Street NW, First Floor

Washington, DC 20005

Once you send them, representatives from DC STAND chapters will hand-deliver your letters to Capitol Hill.  Keep sending letters in all this month!

And check out the Day 75 website to find out about our Wake Up Call-In Day to Congress on Friday, April 3.

STAND | 202.643.7238 | 1800 Wyoming Ave NW, Third Floor | Washington, DC 20036

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